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Teeth whitening toothpaste

If you’re unhappy about the colour of your teeth, it’s now possible to reverse years of staining and enjoy the confidence of whiter, brighter, fresher-looking teeth.

But it’s really important to make sure you whiten your teeth in a safe way that doesn’t harm your teeth or your oral health.

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Oct 2019
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Oct 2019

Is whitening your teeth bad?

The difference between teeth whitening and teeth bleaching

The first thing to understand is the difference between teeth whitening and teeth bleaching.

Teeth bleaching is usually carried out by a dentist – or under the supervision of a dentist – using bleach gels or products. Home bleaching kits are also available.

Bleaching uses a chemical process to make the teeth whiter than they ever have been previously.

The dangers of teeth bleaching

  • Your gums and oral mucosa – the tissue that lines the mouth – may be sensitive to the chemicals used in bleaching… particularly if you already have sensitive teeth
  • Some bleaching patients say their teeth feel sensitive during or after treatment. Other side effects can include discomfort in the gums or a sore throat
  • Teeth are more prone to staining after bleaching

Gentle, natural teeth whitening

At Curaprox, we don’t believe in home bleaching products.

We believe teeth whitening should work towards restoring your teeth to their original whiteness… in the most gentle, natural, healthy way possible.

We like white teeth… but we LOVE healthy teeth.

Whitening should never damage your gums or oral mucosa.

Oral care should never be harsh or abrasive.

You need to protect your teeth enamel. If it starts to erode, it can lead to sensitivity and pain.

Want Hollywood white teeth?

If you’re specifically looking for “Hollywood white teeth”, then please visit a dentist.

After treatment, you can use Curaprox products to keep them looking and feeling bright and healthy.

The best teeth whitening toothpaste

Can toothpaste actually whiten teeth?

If you want whiter teeth, you no longer have to put yourself through expensive, potentially harsh and painful bleaching treatment.

There are many whitening toothpastes on the market.

But not all whitening toothpastes were born equal.

Some are more effective than others.

Some are gentler than others.

And, unfortunately, some contain harsher ingredients than others – such as sodium metaphosphate, zirconium silicate and calcium pyrophosphate.

Beware abrasive whitening toothpaste

The higher the Relative Dentin Abrasivity (RDA) score of a toothpaste, the more likely it is to use these ingredients… and the more likely it is to:

  • Erode the enamel on your teeth
  • Damage your gums and oral mucosa
  • Lead to enhanced sensitivity

We believe effective whitening toothpastes should be gentle.

We believe they should actually care for your oral health.

SLS, Triclosan and other nasties are not what we want for you.

We want you to enjoy exceptional oral health and whiter teeth – naturally.

Which toothpaste do dentists recommend?


Whitening toothpaste that works - gently and effectively

Curaprox Be you – Gentle everyday whitening. Zesty, fresh flavours

  • Curaprox Be you is the toothpaste for gentle everyday whitening – in six zesty flavours…
  • Grapefruit + bergamot, peach + apricot, watermelon, gin tonic + persimmon, blackberry + liquorice, apple + aloe
  • With beautiful herbs and natural ingredients
  • It’s gentle whitening with glucose oxidase – a natural enzyme that reacts with the sugar in the mouth to create a low concentration of hydrogen peroxide in the saliva that i) whitens the teeth and ii) directly combats bacteria
  • The glucose oxidase additionally takes care of your tooth enamel and gums because it activates the natural lactoperoxidase system of the saliva, which also has an antibacterial – as well as an antiviral and antifungal – effect

We recommend:

Activated charcoal teeth whitening toothpaste for effective tooth care

Curaprox Black is white whitening toothpaste – Goodbye stains. Hello healthy mouth…

Does charcoal toothpaste whiten teeth?

  • Curaprox Black is white is a black toothpaste that gently whitens with activated charcoal
  • Pure, highly-concentrated, activated carbon removes stains gently – by simply absorbing unattractive, discoloured particles…
  • … and keeps your mouth feeling fresh
  • Now you can enjoy whiter teeth without harsh, painful chemicals…
  • … and with a lemon-minty-fresh flavour

We recommend:

How to brush your teeth

Using a gentle, effective toothbrush with the best technique – in conjunction with the best whitening toothpaste – is crucial.

Hard toothbrushes, meanwhile, can scratch the enamel, making teeth more prone to stains.


Is the iconic CS 5460 the gentlest, most effective toothbrush in the world?

The Curaprox CS 5460 toothbrush:

  • Features 5,460 fine and gentle Curen® filaments (instead of conventional nylon) – each 0.1mm in diameter
  • Reaches every nook and cranny

Curaprox Black is white Hydrosonic. Carbon brush heads. Effective whitening.

If you prefer electric toothbrushes… try the Curaprox Black is white Hydrosonic sonic toothbrush:

  • The perfect partner for Curaprox Black is white toothpaste
  • The Curen® filaments of the brush heads are made with activated carbon… removing discoloured particles without affecting the enamel

And don’t forget a great oral health routine…

Because why would you take such great care over choosing the best products…

… without treating yourself to the ultimate oral health care routine?

Here are our exceptional guides to brushing your teeth and using interdental brushes

We recommend: