Turn your daily toothbrushing into an unprecedented whitening experience. The Carbon Power Set offers the best tools in natural activated carbon whitening. 

Available from Black Friday

‘Black is White’ Hydrosonic toothbrush

With its powerful sonic motor, the ‘Black is White’ Hydrosonic works at the incredible frequency of 42,000 brush strokes per minute. Thanks to its brush head made of bristles coated with activated carbon, the Hydrosonic effectively removes both bacterial plaque and the discolouration caused by staining particles that are attached to your teeth.

One button, three power levels: 22,000, 32,000 and 42,000 brush strokes per minute.

Hydrodynamic effect: when the power is on, the Hydrosonic mixes water, saliva and toothpaste inside of your mouth to create an activated solution that provides an extra push into hard-to-reach areas. The result: effective cleaning with little effort.

Powerful battery: two weeks of tooth brushing for four minutes a day. It is just as powerful on full charge as it is on low charge.

Extra-small charger with a travel case included.

‘Black is White’ toothpaste

This toothpaste uses the full potential of activated carbon to tackle teeth discoloration. Activated carbon is great at adsorbing tiny particles, such as food stains, on your teeth. Designed for daily use, ‘Black is White’ toothpaste is a safe way to whiten your teeth and keep that whiteness long-lasting.

The toothpaste also contains special enzymes and hydroxyapatite to protect against tooth decay, support the salivary functions, remineralise tooth enamel and seal exposed dentine channels, all making your teeth stronger and healthier.

‘White is Black’ toothpaste

With all the same cleansing properties as the classic ‘Black is White’ toothpaste, ‘White is Black’ adds extra joy to your daily toothbrushing with its subtle but tasty lime flavour. 

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