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LSP 651

CHF 10.10

LSP 651

CHF 10.10

Curaprox LSP

Unchanged perfection – our classic brush with no holder

Many dental professionals and users appreciate our system with long holders. LSP brushes are as simple and straightforward as possible. Their appeal lies in their cleaning performance and excellent durability. 

Their wire is extra long and strong, making cleaning easy and an additional holder unnecessary. The umbrella effect: the bristles stretch out between your teeth, cleaning gaps and your gum line.

LSP brushes are recommended for simple and effective prevention of cavities, gingivitis and periodontitis. Just one cleaning movement is enough – once in and out. That’s it.

  • Very fine bristles with an umbrella effect
  • Surgical wire for the smallest spaces between teeth

No holder necessary, thanks to an especially long and strong wire.

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