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The Swiss School Toothbrush

CHF 13.90

The Swiss School Toothbrush

CHF 13.90

  • Free delivery on orders above 20 CHF
  • Delivery within 1-3 days
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First Class Toothbrushing!

Brushing your teeth can actually be a pleasure. For this to succeed, you need the right products.

Good oral hygiene should be part of every child’s daily routine from a young age – the earlier, the better. That’s why in many countries, children are shown at school how to look after their teeth and gums properly. Since the 1960s, learning oral hygiene practices at school has also taken root in Switzerland. This has resulted in an 80% decline in tooth decay among Swiss school pupils – and the number has remained low. According to Bettina Richle, President of the Stiftung für Schulzahnpflege-Instruktorinnen [Foundation for Oral Hygiene Instructors in Schools], this is the best result we could hope to achieve. 

It’s crucial to us that the importance of oral hygiene continues to be taught in schools – with the help of our excellent oral health products, of course. This will allow the current high standard to be maintained among every year group. We also think it’s important that the children pass on the cleaning techniques they’ve learnt to their parents at home. After proving highly successful in Swiss schools, it’s now time to make the Swiss school toothbrush available across the globe. 

The key facts at a glance:

kids toothbrush twin pack, available in red & white 

The new kids is the same size as the CS smart, but with slightly firmer bristles 

Bristles: Length: 7.5 mm / Count: 5,500 / Diameter: 0.09 mm

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Babies & children
Bad breath
Bleeding gums
Clean teeth
Gum care
Sensitive teeth
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